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Table of Contents Launches Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Décor to Improve Well-Being Launches Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Décor to Improve Well-Being

– Living Pieces of Art Encourage Calmness Through Stunning Aquariums and Terrariums –

BALI, Indonesia, October 1, 2020 – Bali-based is pleased to announce the launch of its luxury home décor line of aquariums and terrariums that combine calming natural elements and soothing visuals to elevate moods and enhance mental well-being. Handcrafted and rich in character, these one-of-a-kind living works of art bring nature inside to add peaceful sophistication to your space. Featuring stunning Balinese artisan craftsmanship, German design and LIFX custom mood lighting technology from the United States, the elegant pieces are ideal for bringing hotels, resorts, restaurants, businesses and upscale homes to life through nature.

Created by German-born designer Michael Hensel who spends his time between Bali and California, these extraordinary aquariums and terrariums reduce stress and anxiety as proven in numerous studies. According to Dr. Allan Schwartz, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, indoor fish and related plants offer a calming, therapeutic effect from both the appearance and sound. Watching fish in an aquarium while hearing the soothing sound of water and bubbles is anxiety and stress-reducing, and the reason aquariums are often found in places of heightened anxiety such as dentist offices, doctor’s offices and nursing homes1. This is especially relevant now, as individuals across the world are spending more time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic and facing increasing stress during these uncertain times.

“The goal of our elegant Atmana aquariums and terrariums is to provide an oasis for the mind, body and spirit that reduces stress and calms the mind,” said Hensel. “I’m proud to introduce the first of our home décor products that promise to bring the serenity of nature to any indoor environment.”

Hensel has been building world-class aquaponic food systems around the world for more than seven years in an effort to educate about sustainability and its substantial social and environmental impact on individuals – a desire that serves as the root of his passion project, KoyaProject. His humanitarian organization spreads the power of natural aquaponic systems that generate sustainable food sources for impoverished communities.

Hensel’s one-of-a-kind aquariums and terrariums represent the ultimate in sophistication, with a wide range of design aesthetics that celebrate the extraordinary craftsmanship of Balinese artisans. With the goal of lasting a lifetime, each piece is designed to function and complement any environment. Atmana’s home décor line will be available online at in October 2020. Since all pieces are handmade and customizable based on each client’s needs, less than eight pieces will be produced each month at a starting price of $2,900 each.


About is a Bali-based company specializing in luxury aquariums and terrariums that bring nature indoors to elevate moods and provide a constant state of inner peace. Stunning in appearance, each expertly-crafted custom piece represents sophistication, timeless beauty and calming ambiance. Complemented by mood lighting, lush garden base and a remarkable supporting structure, these living works of art are a breathtaking oasis for the home or office.

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