an elegant marriage of aquarium and luxury home decor

for a Serene Environment and Calm Mind

Atmana’s custom-built aquariums honor the positive impact of bringing nature and life indoors. An exquisite union when lush interior design meets the serenity of the aquarium, creating a tranquil abode.

Spending most of our moments within the personal bubble of our home, Atmana has the remarkable ability to bring the outdoors inside, through these timless one-of-a-kind aquariums. 

These stunning nature-based art experiences bring calmness and peace into your home, elevating your standard of living to that of the ultra sophisticated.

A calming Aquarium

Bringing the ocean home

This freestanding, living marine garden draws from the tranquility and mystery of the ocean to provide your own aquatic paradise. 

Atmana’s aquariums reflect the architecture of each home, serving as an artistic backdrop to fish and aquascaping that breath beautiful, constantly-evolving life into your space.

In Asian society, aquariums are seen as providing good fortune – bringing water into your space which is one of the five traditional elements of Feng Shui.

The visual spectacle and rhythmic flow of fish provides an ideal environment for meditation and comfort.

Customized Sculpture


Made from volcanic lava rock, wood, marble or mosaic with optional custom carving, the stunning space-saving bases bring Bali ambiance into the home.

Complementing each terrarium or aquarium, the striking sculptured bases reflect the Balinese spirit and further enhance the visual spectacle of each custom-designed piece. Among the more popular options, the lava rock sculpture utilizes one of the oldest minerals on earth, with origins that demonstrate its healing and calming properties.

A stone of rebirth, lava rock is known for its grounding qualities that work in tandem with the chakra root to provide feelings of safety and security.

Mood Lighting

16 million colors via your voice

Voice controlled with 16 million color options, the mood lighting within each piece utilizes the highest quality LED technology available.

Providing a stunning visual effect that evokes feelings of peace and relaxation, the colors and movement of the light can mirror that of a volcano or fireplace.

It provides a form of color therapy, healing the body of emotional imbalances by energizing and soothing the soul.

Optional Garden

A lush Bali jungle at your home

A plant or herb garden that works in any small space, the garden option provides additional greenery, a consistent fresh scent and the enjoyment of having additional lush green in the home.

Adding depth and life to each piece, an optional base garden provides lush greenery, a fresh smell and additional visual appeal to each piece. Featuring herbs or plants, the 1 square meter of greens illuminate at night for a lavish feeling of nature in the home.

Atmana home décor pieces are found in some of the most highly regarded and luxurious places in the world, including the Tony Raka Art Gallery and the Pyramids of Chi

Each Atmana piece comes with the guarantee of quality craftsmanship, careful consideration of individual taste and impeccable attention to detail and world-class customer service. 

A testament to the time and consideration that goes into each custom-made piece, every month only 4-5 pieces are created by our Balinese artisans. 

We welcome you to join our waiting list. Currently there are (4) pieces in order.


  • Calm your mind and spirit with living home décor that brings nature indoors.
  • Featuring stunning lava stone sculpture, your custom piece will inspire you in a new way.
  • Revolutionary mood lighting will instantly create the atmosphere you desire in any space.
  • An optional garden introduces new life, ambiance and greenery to your space.
  • Space-saving in every way, Atmana pieces occupy less than one square meter of your home or office.

Atmana Aquarium Decor


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