About us

Atmana was created to bring a serene and peaceful atmosphere to our customers’ homes.

Peace of mind and calmness is essential to our mental physical and emotional health. With more time spent indoors both at home and the workspace, it is important to create environments that mimics the healing power of nature. 

Atmana means “purified mind”, which is what our elegant products offer each owner.

At Atmana we specialize in creating never conceived before natural home décor designed specifically to bring the serenity and calmness of nature to your indoor spaces via custom built aquariums and terrariums.

Our products combine modern timeless designs and the latest technology with natural elements to create living pieces of art. 

Each art piece combines sophisticated German design and engineering with state-of-the-art lighting and Ancient Balinese artisan craftsmanship to create never seen before living pieces of art. These pieces are then customized specifically to bring the healing power of nature to enhance the quality of our customers lives.

Here in Ubud, Bali, we are surrounded by Balinese culture and artistry. We are always looking for the latest technology to infuse into our custom made home décor to create functional art pieces. 

Our team consists of the best designers, engineers, programmers and artisans to infuse their knowledge and passion into each piece we create for our customers.

Come visit us in beautiful Bali to feel the beauty and calmness of our pieces. My team of designers and artisans and I look forward to create your own unique luxury design just for you

Michael Hensel,