Introducing Nature into Your Office

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Why Bringing Nature into Your Home Office is Good For Energy and Inspiration

With so much going on in the world at the moment, it’s difficult to adapt with the new way of things. From now working from home, to not being able to go outside without a mask, we’re slowly but surely getting used to being at home more often than we used to.

Whether your home office is the couch, your bed, or a desk, it can still be difficult to differentiate between home life and work. On the bright side, there are some things you can do to make your working environment a bit more refreshing, inviting, and energetic.

Before continuing, remember that it’s always best to ditch the bedroom when you’re working from home until bedtime. Your brain might start associating work with sleeping, which can cause an interruption in calming your mind.

Here’s how something as simple as a few plants can make you more energetic, inspired, and ready to take on the work day in your home office:


The Benefits of Plants in a Home Office

If you do work from home, it can be tempting to close the laptop and take a catnap, but with beautiful plants, it’s difficult not to feel energetic at work, and here’s why:

Increased Focus
According to some studies, plants have quite an influence on the way we approach certain tasks. Plants create a relaxed and comfortable environment to work in, which will help you focus better on your work instead of stressing about work.

Reduces Stress Levels
With loads of work comes loads of stress. Plants offer a positive visualization at the home office. What’s more, they might even encourage more creativity and inspiration throughout the day.

Clean, Fresh Air
The whole point of plants is to absorb toxins in the air, so putting them in your home office can be healthy and refreshing. An important part of dealing with stress and headaches is taking deep breaths, and what’s better than breathing in pure, cleansed air?


Why Choose a Terrarium for Your Home Office?

Terrariums are plants that live in glass containers. Whether it has a lid depends on the type of plant inside the glass container. If the plant needs a lot of water, the container would be closed with a lid to retain the moisture. If the plant is a succulent and doesn’t need watering too often, the terrarium doesn’t need a lid.

Terrariums are especially great if you have a small home office, because they’re usually quite small and don’t take up too much space. They are also incredibly beautiful while being low  maintenance. So, you don’t have to worry about watering it every day. All you need to do, is to maybe water it once a month and to enjoy its aesthetics in your home office.

In summary, plants bring an excellent sense of calm to any space.  With so many level of stress factors in modern day life, plants provide a sense of nature, relaxation, and refreshment.

Place an Atmana Terrarium in Your Home Office 

Our terrariums are the epitome of calmness and relaxation. They aren’t simply plants that live in boxes, but can influence the entire mood, environment, and energy in any space. Their designs are creative, elegant, and provide a luxurious, stress-free aura for your home office.

Draw inspiration and energy from one of our uniquely designed terrariums and start enjoying every second of working from home!

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